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Custom-Made Wedding Dresses in Montreal

At Lilia Haute Couture, we commit ourselves to the highest standards of quality by using advanced couture technologies, importing the best quality of silk fabrics and laces, and letting our clients live the experience of haute couture by creating a garment tailored to their individual taste and measurements. 

First appointment

We start by letting you try a few dresses from our collection that catch your eye. While you try on our dresses, we explain which technics and fabrics were used in each dress so you can later customize those details based on what you like the most and feel most comfortable in. Once you are confident in the details you want to be part of your dress we give you a final briefing on what the dress will be like and a final price. Finally, we take your measurements and we begin our journey to complete your dream dress. This process takes about 6 to 8 months.

The Base

The first and most important part of the dress is the base. If this layer is done right, the dress should fit you perfectly and feel like a second skin. We usually only make the skirt lining and the corset base at this stage and do not connect them yet. We then invite you for a fitting to perfect the fit of the dress and for you to see if you want to do modifications at this stage such as making your mermaid skirt slightly more form-fitting or making the décolleté area more or less revealing.

The Visible Layers

After we finalize the base layers following the corrections we made in the first fitting, we start working with the fabrics that will be visible, whether it is lace or silk, we recreate the unique design we talked about in the first fitting and bring the dress to life. We then call you for a second fitting. This fitting is mainly for you to bring your input about the dress, adjusting small details and asking for any add-ons you might like. 

Finishing Touches

We invite you for the third fitting to see the complete result. If you are happy with the results, we cut the length of the skirt to the correct length with your shoes, and next time you will see us you will be taking your dress home! If you would still like to add more details to your dress, we can always discuss ways to make your dress exactly as you had imagined it. At Lilia Haute Couture, we are perfectionists and we will make sure your dress is not only ideal from a professional couture standpoint,  but also ideal for your taste. 

Final Fitting

After getting to know you and your idea of what is your dream dress we finally see the results of the many months of our hard work when you try the dress for the last time before you wear it on your big day. We make sure you are completely satisfied before we carefully pack your dress for you to take it home. We give you all the important tips of how to prepare the dress for the wedding, show you how to close it properly, and finally how to care for your dress. 


The fabric quality of your wedding dress matters more than you may think! Synthetic fabric is always much heavier than its natural fiber counterpart. Silk-based fabrics are the most lightweight and breathable fabrics on the skin. No matter the season, you will feel comfortable in your dress if its lining is made of silk. Below are just a few examples of fabrics we provide.

A luxury wedding dress made from quality fabrics


Silk Charmeuse


Silk Organza

IMG_0729 FINAL.jpg

Cotton and Silk Blend French Lace


Chantilly Lace


Silk Satin Duchesse


Silk Chiffon


Classic Beaded Lace


Modern Beaded Lace

What if I have no idea of what I want?

Whether you haven't tried on a single wedding dress yet, or you have tried too many but still can't decide on what you want, we are here to guide you through the different designs and styles.


We will advise you on what will flatter you the best, in terms of proportions as well as colors, textures, etc. The best part of getting a custom-made dress is that you don't have to settle on a detail of a dress you don't like because we can make practically anything you want!


What if my wedding is in less than 6 months?

If you've been looking everywhere trying to find a wedding dress and your wedding date is coming closer, we can still try and make you a custom wedding dress in less time than we usually do. However, it all depends on the complexity of work and how long it will take us to get your fabrics.

Another great option is to buy one of the beautiful dresses from our collection and customize it to your liking. 

View our collections to see our sample wedding dresses.

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