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The Boutique

Located in the heart of downtown Montreal, Lilia Haute Couture is a unique bridal boutique offering wedding and evening dresses created by measurements.
Our boutique serves as both a showroom of our in-house collection and an atelier where we make both the collection and the client's dresses. 
We invite you and your friends and family to join us at our boutique to try on, imagine and create your very own designer piece. 

Meet Lilia

Growing up in then soviet union, where everyone wore the same style of clothes due to import restrictions, Lilia strived to express herself through art from a young age. As soon as her grandmother taught her how to sew, she started experimenting. She would take fabrics from old clothes and make outfits for her dolls. She then grew older and started making clothes for herself first, then her mother, and finally her friends and neighbors. 

She then decided to study in college to get her degree in clothing design. After completing her studies she worked for a few years as a seamstress in a private atelier. Later she found a job at a wedding dress atelier making custom wedding dresses. She learned the same couture and corset techniques that big designers apply in their designs. 

After moving to find better opportunities in Montreal and opening her own boutique, she had more than 30 years of experience designing and creating women's clothing and nearly two decades of experience with designing wedding and evening dresses by measurement. 

We invite you to create a unique garment for your special occasion with the help and expertise of Lilia, who will guide you in every step of the process. 

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